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Explore the adventurous Antalya waters with Side Rafting Tours

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Side Rafting Tour

Embark on a mystical voyage through Side's enchanting realms, nestled in the sun-kissed embrace of Antalya's southern lands. Here, where history dances with golden shores, a new legend unfolds - one of daring river adventures that beckon both locals and wanderers alike. The fabled Side Köprülü Canyon, a realm of wonder in the summer's glow, lures travelers with its 14-kilometer watery path, promising thrills and triumphs for families and kindred spirits. A day-long odyssey awaits, where inflatable vessels, each helmed by a sage navigator, ride the playful currents amidst laughter and camaraderie.

After the river's embrace releases its hold, a feast by the waterside awaits, a gift from the realms of plenty, with an open buffet to sate your hunger. Transportation to this realm of wonders is but a whisper away, a mere 40-minute journey from Köprülü Canyon, where guides stand ready to ferry you to this aquatic escapade. Secure your passage by sending word of your presence at least a day prior, and gather at the appointed place and time to join the river's dance. Questions about the journey, the feast, or the path to this aquatic realm can be answered by our guides, who stand ready to illuminate your way.

For those seeking more than river's caress, our 3-in-1 offerings weave together a tapestry of thrill and delight, with Side Canyoning, Jeep Safari, and Zipline tours awaiting those eager for more enchantment. Join us on this journey of a lifetime, where each ripple carries whispers of ancient tales and newfound friendships. Explore our Rafting Tour Program and unveil the treasures that await you.

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