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Antalya Rafting Tour, Qualitied Rafting Tour, Equipment

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Rafting Equipment and Gear

Inflatable Rafts:

The evolution of inflatable rafts over the years has transformed them from being constructed with subpar materials prone to breakage in the past to being crafted from durable, high-quality materials today, thanks to technological advancements. Presently, a wide array of inflatable rafts is available, designed to withstand the test of time and offer thrilling adventures in renowned locations such as the iconic bridge canyons.

Life Jackets:

An indispensable safety essential, life jackets come in various shapes and sizes. It is imperative to select a life jacket that not only fits comfortably but also provides excellent support, keeping the upper body afloat. Choosing the correct size is pivotal to avoid any unforeseen issues.


Helmets are engineered to deliver comprehensive protection against head injuries. High-quality imported rafting helmets meeting international standards are readily accessible. When opting for a helmet, ensuring a precise fit is paramount.

Carbon Paddles:

Crafted to facilitate seamless and lightweight strokes on the water, paddles can significantly enhance your rafting experience when appropriately shaped and sized.


In instances where water and air temperatures are chilly, wearing a neoprene wetsuit becomes essential. These suits offer insulation and buoyancy with the presence of gas bubbles.


Preferred by water sports enthusiasts for protection against cold water, a drysuit covers the whole body except for the head and hands while in the water. Unlike wetsuits, drysuits serve a distinct purpose.

Rescue Throw Bags:

An integral component of river rafting equipment, rescue throw bags contain a rope that can be thrown to assist a distressed swimmer. The swimmer can leverage the bag to reach safety by holding onto it. These bags are compact and occupy minimal space. It is essential to note that rafting companies provide all necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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